this is a anime type game please feel free to register and help if you want, the game will begin when we have atleast 20 members thank you... please if your on a phone switch to the classic version... techniques and alike are spoiled click to see^^
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As much as we would like to take credit all rights are reserved for the brilliant creator of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto, and shonin jump. We would also like to credit the wonderful creator of bleach Tite Kubo. This is a non profit fan site only thanks guys ^^
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 Ultimate Ninja Life Guide

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PostSubject: Ultimate Ninja Life Guide   Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:53 pm

First things first: Registration-

In order to play this game you need to register so pick a user name but follow these rules.(Register button is at the top right hand corner)

Done that now you must create your ninja

This above link will take you to the create a ninja page, simply copy the code at the bottom then click new topic.(remember you must have registered and logged in in order to see this button.) Paste the code and begin answering the questions the best you can. Please put the name of your ninja and the village in the topic name.

Born special

Jinchuriki: Every 20 children there will be one who is born special in some way. Example fused with a demon at birth. If your asked to be one, you can refuse if you wish.
Clan: you can request to be in a clan at birth, or clan members may recruit you if they see fit. However this can only happen if your still in the academy and have not specified a bloodline. If you are put into a clan your history may alter a little.

Game Start

The First Steps: Report To The Academy

you are now to report to the academy and wait till your called to battle other students. While you wait you can perform any non official missions you wish to as long as your rank permits. You can and should also train. Train techniques of your choosing in your field up to the specified rank in the how levels work guide.
Academy students
Stats: 20 each category
Ninja Arts:C or B (if specialist)
Mission level: C
Goal: The best in the academy gets two free jutsu every fight.

Graduation Day: The Rise Of The Ninja

Once a ninja graduates from the academy they become a genin. The ninja will be recruited by sensais depending on how well they did in the academy. After the ceremoney you will report to the academy for the last time and wait to be assigned to your squad. A squad consists of two other members and a jonin or very good chunin level ninja. They will also begin going on missions. Refer to the how missions work guide for additional information. One should try to work hard and get close to the sensai because he is able to give free jutsu.
Stats:40 each category
Ninja Arts:B or A
Mission Level:B
Goal: Impress sensai: The best on the squad will earn the title of second in command, and will gain a free jutsu each fight.
Mission Info here:

The Chunin Exams: Put Your Life On The Line

Once the goals have been met to enter the chunin exams. You will be required along with your squad to report to the village that they will be host in. This is different each time as to give no land an unfair advantage. These exams will pit you against other genin in different lands in order to showcase the new ninja in each land. The winner will receive 10 fight points and their village will receive 100 VDP(village development points). If you compete admirably and don't embarrass your home you will be named a chunin. As a chunin you are now able to go rogue at your own risk and become missing nin. Chunin can give orders to genin and below. You are also able to lead missions without the help of higher ranked ninjas. You should work hard to impress the jonin. Because they decide who will get the three free jutsu each fight. This go's to the best chunin in the village.
Stats:60 each category
Ninja Arts:A or S
Mission Level:A
Goals: Should try to find a spouse as a ninjas life is generally short. Prize goes to the winner in the fights the jonin set up.

The Rise Of The Elite: The Jonins Final Exam

Once you have surpassed all goals set for chunin, you will set your eyes on the prize of being a jonin level ninja. Jonin answer to none in the village other than the kage. And are able to give orders to even chunin level ninjas. Jonin are the second highest respected class. During chunin you should try to protect the younger generation. You should try to prove yourself worthy of being kage one day. Jonin will often battle among themselves in sparring matches to see who's the best in the village. The best in the village will gain five free jutsu in fights kage sets and will earn the title of future kage.
Stats:80 each category
Ninja Arts:S or SS
Mission Level:SS
Goals: Impress kage by proving to be the strongest in the village in fights he sets up.

The Rise Of The Elite Part 2: The Kages Decision

At some point the ninja will be assigned a job by the kage, This is a special job that the kage and them will decide on. This could mean becoming a sensai of a team and training genin.
see professions:

Assigned To Ambu

The ninja may be assigned to the ambu black ops. Ambu are the police of the village. They are responsible for throwing shinobi wo break the law in jail or killing them. Depending on where they are stationed in the organization they will learn additional special techniques.

The Final Level: Become Legendary As The Kage

Becoming kage level means you have become one of the ultimate ninja in your village. If you are chosen to be the kage then you are to wear the robes to represent power and freedom. The kage has massive power and is able to command any one in his village to do anything without question. If you become the kage you are required to give missions to those under you whenever they have requested one. You are responsible for choosing what path your village will take. From the training of your academy student. To what missions you will allow your village to go on. Which allies and which enemies you will make as far as other lands. And above all keeping your village powerful the key is to have the most powerful village because the strongest village members will gain a technique every fight without fail 
Stats:100 each category
Ninja Arts:SS
Mission Level:SS
Goals: Have the richest village this allows your people to gain a technique every fight without question.
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Ultimate Ninja Life Guide
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