this is a anime type game please feel free to register and help if you want, the game will begin when we have atleast 20 members thank you... please if your on a phone switch to the classic version... techniques and alike are spoiled click to see^^
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As much as we would like to take credit all rights are reserved for the brilliant creator of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto, and shonin jump. We would also like to credit the wonderful creator of bleach Tite Kubo. This is a non profit fan site only thanks guys ^^
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 Naruto OP AS Fuck!!

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PostSubject: Naruto OP AS Fuck!!   Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:15 pm

Hope im not spoiling for anyone but kishi is giving this guy way too much i mean it was bad enough when he had just the demon fox. But then summoning a giant frog, than sage mode, and then he masters control of the nine tails, and then he gets even more power from the nine tails because now theyre friends and now he can sense evil up to a million radius and be the yellow flash minus the formulas, then he gets all of the tailed beasts, and now he can heal putting both sakura and tsunade to shame mean while neji the genius only came up with a way to shoot his gentle fist which is ok. kibas fang over fang got a bit stronger, and tamari still rocking that weak ass fan. And now tenten has a better fan than her too WTF this guy has become the ultimate ninja no contest makes him lame as hell as a character if you ask me.
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Naruto OP AS Fuck!!
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