this is a anime type game please feel free to register and help if you want, the game will begin when we have atleast 20 members thank you... please if your on a phone switch to the classic version... techniques and alike are spoiled click to see^^
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As much as we would like to take credit all rights are reserved for the brilliant creator of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto, and shonin jump. We would also like to credit the wonderful creator of bleach Tite Kubo. This is a non profit fan site only thanks guys ^^
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 Relationship Sheet Template

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PostSubject: Relationship Sheet Template   Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:51 pm

Place Picture here

(Characters Name)

Ninja are often taught by many different individuals but they eventually find one who truly understands them. This becomes their master or true sensai. You are allowed three which will give the five free jutsu sensai training bonus. The ninja must have trained you five times before. On the other side if you are sensai then any death fight your student wins will give you half the exp he got. (not taken from student)
(place names here)

In the ninja world the sights you will see are horrifying. It always helps to be able to talk about them with some people. They can also be great as allies in battle 10 ninjas can be placed here in order to replace you in a topic in which you are at risk of dying in. As long as their in the same area as you. Must have been in the same topic 10 times before. (place names here)

Family is very influential in the raising of a well adjusted human never mind ninja. (you can place family as long as they are in the same clan. Family are able to enter any topic the other is as long as they are in the area.
Parents/ Grand Parents: (place names here)
Siblings: (place names here)
Cousins/ Aunts/ Uncles: (place names here)
Spouse: (place name here)

Rivalry is a tricky thing it entails having both a good friend someone you respect. But someone you want to beat more than your worst enemy. There is only room for one at a time whenever you and this ninja compete or train together gain 2x the fight points.(Must have battled or trained 10 times before)
(place name here)

Enemies are ninja you can no longer talk things out with any more. They have decided to push things to where only one of you will be able to live the next time. Ninja will gain double the kill points in a one on one fight with those listed. Must have been in a death topic with them at least once.(place names here)

One must not forget to be human even though ninja are taught to deny these feelings. The fact is that without taking the time for love your clan may die with you. Any number may be taken. Sex with one of them will fill your health bar unless delimbed. Must have been in a sexual act 3 times before(place names here)

(All have to agree to be on your sheet as what you say. These cannot be npcs these are real ninjas world wide on the site.)

LINKS:(place all links to important topics here. These are topics in which you have fought, killed, Or gained something)
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Relationship Sheet Template
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