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 Arrancar#20- Shofu Shiva

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PostSubject: Arrancar#20- Shofu Shiva   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:13 am

Name: Shofu Shiva
Race: Arrancar
Age: 2000 looks 18
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: 5'6, 140lbs
Hair & Eye Colour: Dark red eyes, Dark red hair
Blood Type: A-
Voice: Spartaus, Lucretia bartiartis
Affiliation: Captain Aizen
Position And Rank: Arancar 20, Espada
Weapon: Zanpacto, Divinia, Long Sword
Release: Shikai, Dolaima Sayrana
Second Release: Bankai, Sayarana Tadenashi
Education: Blood Academy
Element: Fire, Lightning
Skills: Weapons, Sealing
Relationships: Animayus Lover

Noticeable Appearance: Shofu has a big ass and breasts, she is quite tatted including sleeves of black ink depicting the war of Animus. She also has a tat across the front of her neck that says Anna(who is her dead daughter). Her last tat is words across her thighs saying none will survive in cursive writing. Shofu has both ears pieced along with her nose, breasts, and tongue. Shofu has an accent and speech patterns of the time she died which was in Rome. Shofu does not wear the traditional outfit of the arrancar though that's what she was forced to wear upon creation. After going to the world of the living now in modern times she killed many humans for their attire her favorites being, black stripper boots, black leather jacket, white furry coat, pink bra and panties, black skirt, black fishnets with flowery design. Shofu has long thick eyelashes and is very pretty with long hair and big lips. Her hair is usually styled different ways but her favorite is tied back with strands falling over her eyes. Her mask is under her left eye and resembles a bandage. Her hollow hole is in her right foot.[/color]

]Physical Character Traits:

1.Physical Weakness: Limb Deprivation Right Arm

Positive Traits
[*]Loyalty- She is very loyal, some may even say to a fault. Because she will follow the ideals of the man she loves even though they are what got him killed. [/*]
[*]Tactical- Never one to rush to her death or die without meaning. She is very adept and coming up with stategies that further heighten her tactical advantage.[/*]
[*]Determined- Hers is a resolve that never stops, she will die in the pursuit of higher power/ She refuses to accept any limitation that has been put on her."[/*]
[*]Generous- "Never one to be annoying or greedy with the man she loves. She is more than willing to let him have his fun under the circumstances that shes able to do the same. And that she will always take priority over the other girls."[/*]
[*]Ambitious- "When she was living her goal had always been to make money and travel the world. Since her dying day it has been to destroy the world."[/*]
[*]Negative Traits[/*]
[*]Overkill- She is not one to show mercy or pity to her enemies. If she does see you as a threat she takes extreme pleasure in torturing you and those you love.[/*]
[*]Deceitfulness- Shofu lies almost uncontrollably, she will lie about really anything and for seemingly no reason at all. She has been caught in quite a few lies when his happens shell either try to lie her way out of it or run away.[/*]
[*]Promiscuous- Quite the feminist she believes that whatever her man does she will return in kind. Though she loves her husband she will cheat on him on a whim.[/*]
[*]Mischievous- Never willing to just sit there and enjoy a nice moonlit night, she will do almost all she can to make sure that the world around her is filled with chaos and drama. She loves to play pranks though their usually much more cruel than funny.[/*]

As A Child: Shofu was born to the shiva family on a cold winters night in Thrace a small city at the foot step of Rome. She was born to an alcoholic "pimp" father and a coke whore mother. When she was born her father threatened to throw her across the room because he knew his wife would be unable to work and supply money until the baby could be more dependant. When the child became of the age of ten her father would begin making trips to her room at night after drinking to excess. It is around this time that the abuse would happen the first couple times were only touching but his sick fantasies were dark and growing darker. With each meeting the length and pain were increased till eventually it was full out rape. Her father would enjoy the screams of his preteen daughter until one day her mother would come home early from her shift on the street. She would tear up and sober immediately when he found him on her. It wouldn't take her long to fly across the room and pull him off of her. Yelling and swearing at the top of her lungs. She would ensue a fight with him pushing, kicking and punching him till she saw blood. But he was a big man the hits she was putting everything into wouldn't leave a scratch except on her. She was far too weak from years of drug abuse and alcohol dependency. After he laughed at her attempt she would understand the futility of the fight and quickly run to the door for help. This proved to be a grave error in judgement as turning your back on a psychopath is rarely a good idea. The result was a sword through her back pinning her to the wall. The child would run over to help her dying mother but would be met with a firm back hand that would send her spinning the other way. "Don't fucking touch her" her mother yelled making him focus his rage onto her. He would punch her in the kidneys and ribs doing massive damage with each strike. Then grabbing her hair he whispered into her ear. "The fault lies with you dear wife, if you would have just aborted this bitch when i told you, this wouldn't have happened. Did you honestly believe that i wouldn't find out that she wasn't mine?. I have nothing in common with her.. But in a way I suppose I should thank you. Your daughter will pick up where you left off carrying on the legacy of a whore. The child screamed in horror as the light faded from her mothers crying eyes. Her final words to her daughter were "Im sorry daughter I guess i wont get to see you grow up, know that I love you. Five years had passed and the girl had turned 15. These years were spent as the sole provider for the house. Though too young to work on the street a brothel taking in children would be founded in Capua and so without a second thought they would seek to build a new life there. Including his daughter he would have four more children join him. His method was simple, first he would slaughter the parents then take the children after telling them how he did all he could to save them. Before they would know the truth of the matter they would be chained and sold to the highest bidder. Once in Capui the children would be forced to work long hours with little rest for sleeping or eating. Their wages all blown by her father indulging himself in all of the unclean joys of the world. After some time the manager of the brothel would grow tired of splitting the take with him, and would begin plotting to eliminate him the equation. It wouldn't take long for a plan to form as he knew the weakness of his adversary. The plan began by informing him of a house of three young triplets in the city of Rome, The temptation of which being enough to drive any man to empty purse. The man had avoided detection for 5 years because he never journeyed to a city with a real military force. But he was getting cocky his confidence with every new kill had him feeling like a god. After a few more questions the fool would drink the poison and set off for the house deep in roman territory. As always he sneaked in after dark, attacked the male from behind killing him and kidnapping the children. Though this time would be different because as soon as he stepped out of the house he would be surrounded by a hand full of Roman guards. The man would attempt to run but would be quickly caught and arrested for the charge of kidnapping and murder. Shortly after the guards would show up and put the brothel owner out of business as well. Despite pleading his name, and loyal service to the king. His head would still be cut from it's shoulders and the children taken to the city as slaves. In the following years she would watch many of her friends die, some in the games. Some to simply prove a point, and some to their own blade after being unable to take it any longer. The girl would be 18 when a man of the games would convince his fellow gladiators to kill everyone in the house and free the slaves. The gladiators would attack in the dead of night after gaining access to the kitchen. They would take any knives or weapons they could find and begin massacring everyone of Roman blood. This would be the first time in her young life she ever knew choice and would choose to go with them on a suicide mission to destroy their captors. The main among them were a man named kriksus and spartacus. The two would form a deadly alliance in blood and begin the battle to end Roman dominance is greece. Nine months later she would give birth to a daughter named Anna in a city they liberated. The father being a man named Animus, A former god of the arena. Though a loudmouth and a drunk his spirit was enough to make her smile even during the hardest times. The fighting would take it's toll on everyone and the baby would unfortunately die from lack of food. Enraged at the thought of losing their daughter the two along with a group of like minded slaves attacked a army of Roman soldiers despite a solemn warning from Spartacus. This battle lasted three days with heavy loss sustained on both sides, but eventually they would fall to superior numbers and technology. She died hand in hand close to the gates at sunset. The culprit thousands of Roman arrows each aimed with extreme precision. The mass of which anyone would be unable to dodge or survive. Looking into each others eyes, he would watch as she died however he would not be as lucky though seriously injured he was alive. Which in war was a fate far worse than death.

After Death: When she awoke she would be looking at her lifeless body and his half dead state. She would notice all of her dead comrades around her. Thousands laid slain at the hands of the Roman military. She watched as her body along with the others were taken and hung as examples to the others. She would cry as she realized she was powerless to stop this. A chain on her chest was keeping her from moving around other than the place she died. She watched as the bodies were burned, stoned, and pissed on. More and more she felt her anger build till she eventually heard a snap. It had been more than four hours and the soldiers were still celebrating their victory. The chain had began eating itself until it eventually ate right though her heart leaving a giant hole. She screamed at the top of her lungs as the pain had filled every inch of her. It would seem the horrors she had endured were not yet over. "Kill them all" she yelled her voice changing into a darker more violent one. "Ill see you all from this fucking world" she continued till the only thing she saw was white. A mask had covered her entire face, and she was reborn into a dragon shaped monster. Breathing heavy with one swift motion she swung her arm and swiped off of a cliff hundreds of Roman soldiers who hit the ground screaming. "Die, Die, Die" she yelled killing all she came into contact with. When there was no more, she made her way to the gates of Rome. While attempting to break down the wall a figure in black would appear saying "I am the protector of Rome and loyal knight of the soul king Mydame Idiho, I'm sorry but I can't allow you to go any further." He said these words with conviction as he quickly jumped in the air and slashed her with his sword. This caught her off guard as she didn't realize she could still feel pain. She began bleeding as he had put a crack into the mask that was now her head. She screamed a thunderous scream and fired what could only be described as a red blast of energy from her mouth. It didn't connect but it hit a structure in the city causing a building to be obliterated. "We have angered the gods," "Repent now," "Lets get out of here" she heard screams of mass panic fill the city. The black figure scoffed as he said calmly "I see, your not normal... in that case". Throwing his blade into the air he said "shatter kysotome". His sword had somehow encouraged a hail of extremely sharp and powerful glass to fall on her. There was no blocking this, she was to die for the second time today. Right before the glass hit she recorded his name in her memory and screamed "Protector of Rome, one day i will have your fucking head. She blacked out and when she awoke, she was on a table being revived in a human type shape though the hole still remained. A figure in all white said "welcome to Los Noches my child we have big plans for you."

It had been five months since her resurrection and they had been spent in more pain then ever. The masters of the arrancar proved themselves to be dicks by forcing them to fight for survival and food. It would seem nothing had changed since her days watching the games. The only difference being this time there would be real monsters and not just humans pretending to be. How long had she been there she wondered as she look in the night sky. Her concept of time was no longer accurate as five minutes seemed like an eternity. Her job in Los Notches was simple enough collect food for the espada, and by any means necessary make sure the enemy did not sneak into the fortress. Things would be quiet until one day a band of rioka attempting to rescue their friend would arrive. The fight proved harder than she would imagine humans were capable of, or perhaps the four on one nature of it made it seem that way. However their attempts would prove useless against her thick skin and superior intelligence. Though the team was clearly outmatched they fought on with unimaginable conviction. Continuing on through bruised ribs, cracked jaws, and a broken leg. They would insist their way was correct and that they would die in order to protect that which was precious to them. In this instant she wavered thinking about what her dead love would say. As much as she wanted to put humanity behind her and focus on killing all of them slowly she just couldn't. She turned her back saying "I cannot allow passage, as entrance will mean my life or worse. It is impossible to prove whose right or wrong for you have never wore my shoes and i yours. I do wish it didn't have to be this way. But just as it was my misfortune to die at the hands of Rome it will be yours to die by mine. Witness the cycle of death and rebirth as I attempt to show you the difference between us... Fall from grace.. Divinia." She ordered as the blade changed form into that of a long bladed whip. After activating it she quickly assessed the strongest among them and quickly tore his head off. "Tsuchimo" the remaining three cried in unison. "Gone but not forgotten revive" she yelled as the headless human arose and quickly attacked with his sword. The team would be horrified at the thought of fighting their newly slain comrade. What would they do she wondered as they pulled themselves together to launch what would be their final strike. The three of them ran around hoping to catch her off guard launching barrage of energy strikes at her. Among them there were a fire user firing multiple blasts but they were weak far too weak to do any significant damage. The next was a wind user who used a blast that knocked her into a wall. The third used water and after murdering something water began to form around her legs and hold her in place. What is this she wondered these strikes were adding up she felt herself taking damage. "Elemental users" she scoffed as she realized she was in the clear. They did all they could but there technique was incomplete without the fourth user. "I see, you depend on him to finish off the enemy. But absent head I don't believe he will be of much help to you." They cried as she continued to psychologically torture them for being unable to protect their friend. While this was going on she had him sneak around to the water user and cut a deep slash from his shoulder to his abdomen causing instant death. With this done it left her free to move again which would be bad news for the wind user as she ran behind her and used a deadly combo to see her swiftly killed. With only one member left he did what any sane person would do when faced with his mortality he turned and ran the other way. This reminded her of how her mother died so long ago and she would throw a blade though his back pinning him to the wall just as her father had. "There's no escape here, Die knowing that all of your your sacrifice were in vain."

Hollow Power: Aside from her skill with a sword she gained from years fighting in the rebellion. She has the additional power of being able to resurect those she kills as zombies. This technique is called divine intervention and with it she is able to form an army using the dead. This works because divinia has the power to interrupt the natural death cycle of soul society to reincarnation.

Beyond this she is a speed type in combat and specializes in hakuda and zanpacto techniques. Her swords name is Divinia and it is a normal purple sword, but when released it takes the form of a long purple and rose color whip with thorns. The release being "fall from fucking grace.. Divinia"


"Strike him down Divinia" The beautiful arancar yelled slashing her whip about. It had been 5 years since she had proved herself in battle and become espada. The day had finally come when she would in-act her revenge and destroy the world that had broken her heart so long ago. Was he watching she wondered as the mortal fell to his knees before her. His sympathetic words now fell on deaf ears. She no longer had any remorse for this world or any of the filth inhabiting it. "Watch me my love" she whispered before cracking the whip again causing the head to be torn off of the mortals body. She stood before thousands of slain soldiers. The dead everywhere around her, and some left barely alive to regret their final moments. Divinia's beautiful pinkish color was now stained with the blood of her enemies. The girl stood there as she yelled "is this all you have to set against me. You who have enslaved millions, how many more will you send to die in your place king of Rome. Divinia hungers for your fucking soul" she continued. As simple as it would be to destroy the entire castle he hid in she wished to humiliate him as had been done to her. "Hear me now knights of Rome, stay hand and send out your king to die. If you refuse know that the pain inflicted on him will seem as child's play when compared to that of yours." It wouldn't be long before the knights weighed their options and would tie up the king and march him to his death. She smiled for the first time in years as he watched the fat king waddle towards her. A wise decision on the knights part. Rodents often switch sides when faced with extreme danger. Finally it was here she imagined this moment for so long. The man prayed as she used her spiritual pressure to bring all to their knees in the area. "God has forsaken you, he's long since given up on this world. You and all your wretched kind will die this day. But know this is not the end their is still thousands of years of torture before you... now fall from fucking grace Divinia!"
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Arrancar#20- Shofu Shiva
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