this is a anime type game please feel free to register and help if you want, the game will begin when we have atleast 20 members thank you... please if your on a phone switch to the classic version... techniques and alike are spoiled click to see^^
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As much as we would like to take credit all rights are reserved for the brilliant creator of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto, and shonin jump. We would also like to credit the wonderful creator of bleach Tite Kubo. This is a non profit fan site only thanks guys ^^
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 Welcome would you like to know more about us??

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PostSubject: Welcome would you like to know more about us??   Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:55 pm

Our philsosohy: Hey we believe these games shouldnt be about endless role playing with yourself. thats why we dont learn jutsu by talking we learn it through action. How so see training for more about that. But we would like you to know with us youll have a great time fighting actual humans in a contest of wits and character selection. remember all characters have strengths and weaknesses its up to you to build the best one for you. That will eliminate or hide most of your weaknesses and emphasize your strength. Think strategically and battle with courage.

Rules: Another thing youll notice is our language we dont care if you swear or what you talk about if its an adult scene simply label it as such in the topic. This however does not transfer to how you talk to eachother in the game you can be the worst of enemies. But in our chatroom or any out of character topic you conduct yourself as friends. Our admins work hard to bring you the best game we can so please be respectful to them not to say you have to bow when you talk to them but be friendly. If one of our moderators or admins are being a douche however make a complaint subject about them and we will handle it how we see fit. Noone is above this not even me this is about having fun so lets keep it that way.

Earning real life money in the game: Yes it is possible heres how you can bet on any of the fights with real life money and as long as someone is interested in that action well make it happen. simply put bet in the betting section and make it happen you can bet on yourself or allies but not on your enemies. This is to avoid any potential dives anyone caught diving will be suspended and then banned for a second offence.
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Welcome would you like to know more about us??
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