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 How Training, Themes, And Styles Work

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PostSubject: How Training, Themes, And Styles Work   Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:05 am

Training Techniques: Fight Learn: At the beginning of the fight state the technique you are trying to learn. If you win the fight youll gain the technique. *You may also gain the technique during the fight and immediate use if you score 5 full powered strikes consecutively.

Taught By Sensai: Sensai can teach you techniques as well as other ninja who already know the technique. In this case you have to simply do whatever the sensai asks of you.

Training Summons: Summons have free will and will sign with you if you impress them. And they see value in your skills. To gain a contract meet with the boss of that summons family and then complete its challenge. Its also possible that it will choose you. If thats the case then it will reverse summon you to it and offer you a contract.

Training profession: Professions are not learnt they are studied being in the same topic five times with a ninja using their profession allows you to learn it. If they agree to teach you then it will only be three topics.

Training an element: Uncovering your next chakra nature you must take the chakra paper test.  

Training Pets Or Familiars Animals are found all over the world. Like summons except they dont need a contract and they never disappear however they can die. Once you find it random roll out of two if 1 hell run away, if two hell be your buddy


Ninjutsu: The art of using chakra to do otherwise impossible feats such as transform walk on water or attack. When two ninjutsu users go at it. The weaknessses very when using elements however the stronger element has the upper hand.

Genjutsu: The art of mind games being played on the enemy. Forcing them to see smell hear touch or taste things that are not there causing mental damage. When two gejutsu users go at it the more intelligent one will have the upper hand. This is because a smarter ninja can more easily get out of these. Norrmally the ninja cannot move while they are inflicting a genjutsu. However if you are two ranks smarter than your enemy you are able to move while they remain trapped in the genjutsu.

Weaponry: The art of using weapons to hurt another person or as a means to accomplish a goal. When two weapon users go at it  the determing factor varries.

Taijutsu: The art of hand to hand combat Using different stances to attack the enemys body. When two taijutsu users go against each other the determining factor is the stance. Each is weak to a different stance.

Startegy: The art of using the mind to gain the upper hand on an enemy. When two strategy users go up against eachother the determing factor varries.

Sealing: The art of using seals and barriers to win the fight. When two seal users go against eachother the determining factor varies.

Medics: The art of healing ones physical or mental ailments using chakra or tools. When two medics go against eachother the difference varries


1.Comeback theme- triggers on epic comebacks (staff discretion)

*if you hear this song this fight is now worth 5 fight points


2.Fighting Theme- triggers during mega battles death topics only
ex. two kages fighting(staff discretion)

*if you hear this song this fight is now worth 10 points


3. Season Theme Openings- Triggers during episodes- an episode is when all characters are invited to join in a specific event this is also known as an arc.

* If you hear this song fights are now worth 20 points


4. Season Theme Ending- Triggers during the end of the episode

* This means the end of the episode resume normal activities till the start of the new episode king

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How Training, Themes, And Styles Work
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