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 How Fighting, Stats, And Clans Work

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PostSubject: How Fighting, Stats, And Clans Work   Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:34 pm


Step 1: Who’s first?
If it is a fight where both partys have agreed to it or a scheduled battle demanded by higher ranked ninja a roll off will decide it both will roll the dice from 1 to 3 whoever is higher starts the fun.(1 roll, do not edit we will know trust me)
The command is [rand]#[/rand] put 3 where the pound sign is.

Special circumstances
Running Away:If the ninja running away is being pursued he can lay traps at the cost of one turn. These jutsu are labeled as such,  If you are chasing a ninja you will only be able to catch up to him if your speed is equal or greater than your targets Speed. The ninja will have successfully gotten away if he is ten turns away from you.

Turns:When running away the distance is measured in turns, In order to start the fleeing sequence you will have to be long range from the enemy this puts you up three turns. Each turn you will gain one turn on them if they are slower. If you are the same than youll both gain one turn thus cancelling it out. And if the pursuers speed is greater they will gain a turn on you. so for example rock lee is running away from garra rock lee would gain a turn on garra each turn. rock lee is running from sasuke they would both gain a turn and if rock lee was running away from might guy guy would gain a turn on him each turn. This goes until twenty. If the ninja can gain ten turns on the peruser he will get away. If twenty turns are up or the ninja catches up, the fleeing shinobi will be caught and battle will resume after the fleeing ninja pays half of their stamina.

Traps: Traps have two uses while running away a ninja can place one at the cost of one turn. The trap will spring when the chaser reaches the turn at which the trap was laid. For example lee lays makibishi spikes for sasuke while he is three turns away from him. This means that sasuke will reach the spikes in three turns.  When sasuke reaches the trap if he did not notice it he will hit the trap. In order to notice it his inteligence has to be higher than the rank of the laid trap. Also it has to be audible, visible, or the odour must be noticable. Traps do different things and dont necessary make the ninja lose a turn. If the trap is not noticed the ninja can still avoid the technique using the same techniques as if it were a normal attack.

Traps in battle: Traps can also be used in battle for example lee and sasuke are close range engaged in taijutsu. Lee jumps back after throwing a smoke bomb and also lays the makibishi spikes trap. The spikes were laid close range however if sasuke tries to come up a range to get close to lee he will step on the spikes. Unless he can avoid them as mentioned above. If this happens sasuke will be unable to move a range this turn and will lose a rank in speed for five turns as dictated on the technique.

Team battle: In a team battle the ninja with strategy techniques will battle it out in the form of an IQ battle.  The one who wins chooses who will fight who if he chooses 1 on 1 combat. Each set of battles will be moved to a new topic and the link will be posted on the original.) If he chooses team battle then he will choose the order of his squads attack.

Step 2: Actions Damage And Movement
Movement: Unless stated otherwise each turn a ninja is able to move one range this means if he started from a mid range position. He can move up to attack at a close range. Or he could fall back to attack at a long range. In addition to movement the ninja can launch one attack. And make two passive moves. these are techniques that dont do damage. Traps count as one one of these passive moves. Only one trap can be layed at a time.


Close range: Hand to hand combat (sasuke vs rock lee)
Mid range: you can see but there a bit far (temari vs tenten)
long range: you cant see but can hear (neji vs kidomaru)

Damage: After the jutsus effects or damage is dealt modify your status accordingly, this goes for your opponent as well. After you launch your attack and it was successful your enemy gets to choose. They can launch an attack to clash with yours. Block it with a defensive jutsu one below its rank. Or evade it jutsus damage plays out like this.
SS=Ultimate devastation destroys whole villages(95% Cost)
S=dead(75% Cost)
A=critical hit(50% energy - 60 damage)
B=painfull hit(30% energy - 40 damage)
C=minor hit(20% energy - 20 damage)

Afflictions/ Statuses

Bleeding: Brought by weaponry taijutsu, or wind style of A rank or above This ninja loses two ranks in stealth until fixed
Broken Lower Body: Brought by taijutsu or earth style of A rank or above. This ninja loses 20 health whenever they use what is broken. They will also lose two ranks in speed.
Broken Arm: Brought by taijutsu or earth style of A rank or above this ninja loses 20 health whenever they use what is broken. Ninja can not form handseals if it is the arm.
Unconscious: Brought by the end of a taijutsu or genjutsu fight. This ninja can not move they will regain consciousness in ten turns or new topic.
Drowning:Brought on my water style that leaves the enemy under it. This ninja loses 10 health each turn and can not speak.
Burning: Brought by fire style of A rank or above This ninja suffers 40 damage each turn they remain on fire. They will lose their clothing as well as any armour unless fireproof.
Paralysed: Brought by genjutsu or lightning style techniques of A rank or above. This ninja is paralyzed and can only use mental attacks. They also have very little physical movement enough to touch oneself or ally if close range.
Frozen: Brought by ice style of A rank or above this ninja is unable to move their lower half. This ninja loses 30 health each turn.
De-limbed: Brought by any technique that cuts a limb off causes bleeding and the inability to use that limb until reattached the ninja will also lose twenty health each turn.
Embarrassed: Brought on by revealing a secret such as if a man has a small penis. And their pants are torn off to show that. The ninja will not be able to attack for two turns and will lose one rank in defence.
Unresolved: Brought on by having no resolve left the ninjas damage will lose one rank in all physical techniques.
Weak: If a technique is weak against another it will be cancelled out upon clashing with it regardless of the power it activated at.
Berserk/AngeredBrought on by certain insults allows the victim to only attack in the next turn

Handsigns And Alike
Sometimes a technique requires the use of handseals to activate the length of the seals determines its speed. 10 or more seals means it takes last priority in the battle and can be cancelled out by interrupting shinobi. 5 to 8 seals means it takes last priority in the battle but can not be cancelled out by interruption. 1 to 4 seals means it takes fast priority and will only lose priority to close range taijutsu. So for example sasuke and kakashi are doing battle. Kakashi uses the head hunter technique this requires five seals, Sasuke responds with the chidori which takes ten seals kakashis attack will activate first meaning sasuke will have to deal with headhunter during his next turn and if successful kakashi will need to deal with chidori.

Taking the example from above and swicthing the users will cause an interruption to occur when this happens the ninja interupted will have no cost to their technique as it was stopped during the handsigns phase. Now kakashi is preparing to lauch chidori which is ten seals sasuke responds by using head hunter. This means sasukes attack will lauch first. Sasuke will travel through the ground and attempt to grab kakashis leg. Kakashi has to now stop the signs for chidori and must now use a technique to stop head hunter thus an interuption.

Interuption Counter
Finally the interuption can be countered this happens if kakashi then uses a technique that allows him to avoid the attack while continuing his handseals for chidori. For example sauske uses headhunter while kakashi prepares chidori. Kakashi realizing this uses evasive movement to avoid sasukes grab and finish his handsigns for the chidori. kakashi can now choose to launch this right away at the ground or he can hold it and wait for sasuke to emerge from the ground.

Holding the technique
Rarely done but possible the ninja is able to hold off on launching their technique if they dont feel like it will be well timed. This generally happens after a ninja has changed their location or gained a special advantage they hadnt before. For example sauske is now underground though chidori would still do damage underground kakashi dosent know if sauske set any traps down there. kakashi is able to hold off on launching his attack for up to five turns. However holding a technique requires massive concentration. Meaning the ninja will not be able to activate any other techniques involving his hands without losing the chidori. When kakashi does launch the chidori it will have first priority even over taijutsu.

Lets see it played out

Kakashi prepares to hit his fallen student with the chidori, as he prepares the lightning blade sasuke uses the headhunter technique he coped from him. Sasukes headhunter reaches kakashi and attempts to grab his leg. Kakashi notices this and uses evasive movement to avoid the grab and holds off on letting chidori go. Sasuke emerges from the ground and attacks kakashi with leaf shadow dance. Kakashi releases chidori because leaf shadow dance involves the legs sasuke can not use evasive movement as he is already using a leg technique on the ground. Sasuke would also not have anytime to weave handseals and use the substitution technique. Sasukes inly move would be to block with a technique that requires no seals if he could not chidori will rip through his heart and kill him.


post the rand command for every jutsu used in the battle,a rand roll is used between 1 and 3. This will tell you if your attack is ion track to hit or not. Rolling more than once is illegal doing it more will mean the attack hit. Doing it again will mean the death of your character even if its just a spar and a one day ban.
1=the jutsu didnt activate
2=the jutsu activated at normal power
3=the jutsu activated at full power :read jutsus carefully as some of them have special effects at full power

Jutsu clash

When jutsus of the same type and power collide an additional roll off will be the determining factor the maximum being 3, if you both make it up that high neither player will be damaged. It costs C rank additional chakra each clash. And damage will be doubled.

Step 5: Resolution
The battle will end when either one of the players have been depleated. At the end of the battle both will be rewarded.
both will get one fight point and the winner will get one kill point regardless if he killed them or not, these are required to rank up.
Physical health- unconscious if taijutsu, anything else dead
Mental health- Unconscious
3 Energy Depletion- If all three energys are at zero the ninja will die of exhaustion in five turns
S Rank= Dead regardless of type
SS Rank Destroyed village unless genjutsu then trapped in genjutsu alien


Strength: This is how physically strong you are
AS=20- You are strong enough to pick up one side of a large log
Gen=40- You are strong enough top pick up the whole log
Chu=60- You are strong enough to pick up a boulder
Jon=80- You are strong enough to pick up a fallen over tree
kag=100- You are strong enough to up root a tree

Having higher strength than your enemy means you cannot be beaten in a physical contest of strength for example tsunade could never be pushed over by shizune.

Speed: This is how fast your foot speed is

AS=20- You are fast enough to keep up with a dog
Gen=40- You are fast enough to keep up with a rabbit
Chu=60- You are fast enough to keep up with a horse
Jon=80- You are fast enough to keep up with a tiger
kag=100- You are fast enough to keep up with a cheetah

Having higher speed than your enemy allows you to get away or catch up with them during chases. for example kakashi has higher speed than naruto therefore naruto could not run away from him


Defence: This is how well a ninja can block or evade against an attack

AS=20- Your defence is good enough to block C rank attacks
Gen=40- Your defence is good enough to block B rank attack
Chu=60- Your defence is good enough to block A rank attack
Jon=80- Your defence is good enough to block S rank attack
kag=100- Your defence is good enough to block SS rank attacks

For example a ninja like kakashi could use the substitution jutsu up to the SS rank while a ninja like konahamaru could only use it up to the B rank


Stealth/Detection: This is how well you can avoid detection when running away blending in or sneaking up on the enemy. and conversely how well you can detect.

AS=20- Your stealth is good enough to avoid detection from C rank techniques(non tracker ninja)
Gen=40- Your stealth is good enough to avoid detection from B rank techniques(tracker ninja)
Chu=60- Your stealth is good enough to avoid detection from A rank techniques(basic animals)
Jon=80- Your stealth is good enough to avoid detection from S rank techniques(basic summons)
kag=100- Your stealth is good enough to avoid detection from SS rank techniques(tracker ninja animals and summons)

A ninja who's stealth skills are higher than the enemies detection skills can move without being noticed or arousing suspicion from them. Example neji is able to hide from naruto using techniques well naruto is not able to hide from neji


Intelligence: This is how well you can use weaknesses to your advantage

AS=20- Your smart enough to figure out weaknesses in C rank techniques(naruto)
Gen=40- Your smart enough to figure out weaknesses in B rank techniques(sasuke)
Chu=60- Your smart enough to figure out weaknesses in A rank techniques(sakura)
Jon=80- Your smart enough to figure out weaknesses in S rank techniques(kakashi)
kag=100- Your smart enough to figure out weaknesses in SS rank techniques(shikimaru)


Charisma: This is how well you can talk the impression you give a ninja with charisma is able to recruit people to their side as well as lower their resolve

AS=20- Your smooth enough to gain a little attention but hardly noticeable(hinata/shino)
Gen=40- Your smooth enough to gain attention but not someone they will listen to(kiba)
Chu=60- Your smooth enough to gain attention and your words hold weight(naruto)
Jon=80- Your smooth enough to gain the attention of the room your someone people will follow(kakashi)
kag=100- Your so smooth you could be the leader of a cult people will not only follow you they will call you lord and die for you(orochimaru)

Resolve: This is how well you can stick to your convictions when speaking. As well as your ability to keep your cool in battle

AS=20- Your resolve is low and easily shaken (sasuke)
Gen=40- Your resolve is decent but your not able to think for yourself(choji)
Chu=60- Your resolve is strong you will probably not be turned (neji)
Jon=80- Your resolve is great you will never back down and you will always follow your way(Naruto)
kag=100- Your resolve is so great you will not only never give up or be swayed by the enemy. You will struggle on long past the point of madness if your just a head you will bite the enemy

When a charisma technique is used it is this stat that determines what road you will take


Attractiveness: This is how pretty you are this is important as being attractive can often get you what you want

AS=20- Your yet to come into your own (hinata)
Gen=40- Your prettier than most people your age are hit on sometimes (sakura)
Chu=60- Your pretty you can illicit favours from those who like your sex by flirting a little (kakashi)
Jon=80- Your pretty and can get people who like your sex to do things for you regardless of what you've done (sasuke)
kag=100- Your so pretty you make people feel inferior standing next to you. People who like your sex will stop and stare and lose a rank in resolve when near you(tsunade)


Deviance: This is how susceptible to the inhibitions of a ninja you are. how much of the sexes body you like will effect you. How much do you enjoy drugs and alchohol. And how much you like to gamble

AS=20- Your not yet taken in by the wiles of this world (sasuke)
Gen=40- Your a deviant but can control yourself(Killer Bee)
Chu=60- Your a closet perv you hide it well but your susceptible(naruto/konahamaru/asuma)
Jon=80- Your clearly perverted you will step on your mom to see something. when you drink it really comes out(kakashi/ tsunade)
kag=100- Your perviness is so great you will chase around women even after they've slapped you. You cant get enough your in the strip club every night and spying on them in the morning(Jirayia)


Inside of each village their are six clans as the ninja do more missions their standing will also rise or fall. This is measured by the success rate of this clan being sent out into the field. Theyre are one S rank clan this clan is the head family of the village and as such are rewarded with five fight points each week. Further more they are named a noble clan which means they will be respected ahead of all others. Below that is the A rank clans which are named the right hand of the noble clans. They basically are second in respect in their village and gain 3 fight points a week. Then the B rank clans which are yet to prove themselves to the village and are not very well respected. These clans only gain one fight a week. jocolor
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How Fighting, Stats, And Clans Work
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